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LRB essay on scholarship, research impact, the Browne report

The blog of English and American Studies at the University of Manchester has a new post criticizing government reforms in Higher Education, and attacking funding councils for accepting ‘impact’ so easily. It is in fact the text of an article by Iain Pears published in the London Review of Books on 17th March (p. 12):

The response of the research councils to all this has been anaemic. This is true not least of their reaction to the issue of ‘impact’. Henceforth a significant part of the assessment of a researcher’s worth – and funding – will be decided according to the impact on society that his or her work is seen to have. The problem is that impact remains poorly defined; it isn’t clear how it will be measured, and the weighting given to it in the overall assessment has been plucked out of the air. It is a bad policy: it will damage research in the sciences and corrupt it in the humanities, as academics will have a strong financial incentive to become liars.

For the full text, see: http://easmanchester.blogspot.com/2011/03/lrb-essay-on-scholarship-research.html

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