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Tom Sutcliffe: When did the Big Society turn into Big Brother?

Following on from the Observer’s article at the weekend, Tom Sutcliffe wades in with some heavy words in The Independent, 29 March 2011:

We may not quite be back in the days of Nazi Germany. The rhetorical suggestion that we are was one of the more extravagant reactions to a report at the weekend that the Arts and Humanities Research Council would be requiring fund-seeking academics to study the Big Society as a priority, as part of a deal with the Government over its continued funding. Others who were outraged drew their analogies from the opposite end of the political spectrum, warning of Soviet-style control of academic research and the death of intellectual freedom.

UPDATE 30 March: In the New Statesman an article on Don’t play politics with academic freedom.

and an excellent analysis of the demoralisation in HE today, Divided and Ruled.

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